Friday, March 03, 2006

I let him cum inside of me on the first date

I hate to admit it but I have to be honest. I had a wonderful date with a potential Mr. Right last night and I let my passions get the better of me.

As soon as he asked me out I knew I'd ride him like a donkey but never thought I'd go hog wild and let him blow load after bareback load up my twat and poop shoot all night long! I counted it, he came 5 times! We were smoking crystal meth the whole time so don't be surprised, that kind of thing is not unusual when you're jacked up on high grade speed. I wasn't able to cum once but that's normal for me. Maybe it's because he kept burning my ass with the pipe.

In other news, I got a great balance transfer deal on this new credit card I just received. 12.99% fixed and only $150 balance transfer fee! I'm hoping this will help get my FICO score above 500 once again.



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